Samantha Stephens (daughter)

Darrin Stephens (son-in-law)

Tabitha Stephens (granddaughter)

Adam Stephens (grandson)

Hagatha (sister)




Mother (Samantha)

Atilla the Hun



Endora is a powerful witch and the mother of Samantha Stephens. She is also a central character. Endora was strongly opposed to her daughter's decision to marry a mortal and frequently tried to break up their marriage, to no avail. Her powers are possibly the most powerful on the show, apart from the High Priestess Hepzibah of all witches. However, she is likely the most powerful witch of the main cast. She and Darrin are enemies and frequently bicker, much to Samantha's dislike, who believes that they should be cordial with one another. Endora is also the aunt of Serena, Samantha's cousin, who is also a witch. She is the wife of Maurice, although they seem broken up.

Endora's birthdate is never established because of several different hints and clues contradicting each other. However it can be inferred that Endora is very old, despite having been stuck in the body of a good looking older woman forever. The reason that Endora looks slightly older but her daughter Samantha is still young and beautiful remains unknown. Endora's powers work through the extraordinary power of witchcraft. Unlike her daughter, she has no main characteristic when using witchcraft but she often waves her hand. She has typical witch abilities.

Being a witch, Endora has several ties and connections with many witches, sporting a great amount of friends. She loathes mortals and Darrin in particular, having changed him into several different animals and even attempting to get him to cheat on Samantha. The current nature of Endora's relationship with her daughter's father Maurice remains unknown. Endora's sister Hagatha is Samantha's aunt.


Early Life

For more on Endora's possible birthdate, see Endora's Birthdate

Endora's birthdate has not been established ever in the entire series. She has not made any statements that match or make solid evidence to establish her birthdate. She obviously indulged a lot in witchcraft during her early years and probably had a pet unicorn like her daughter Samantha had. From a young age, she must have possessed great powers that stayed with her throughout her adolescence and adulthood.