Samantha Stephens




Endora (mother)

Maurice (father)

Tabitha (daughter)

Adam (son)

Darrin Stephens (husband)

Hagatha (aunt)




Sam (common nickname)





Naughty witch

"You're one witch in a million."

- Darrin on Samantha Stephens

Samantha Stephens is a witch and the central character of Bewitched. She is the wife of Darrin Stephens and the mother of Tabitha and Adam Stephens, as well as the daughter of Endora. Samantha is unique as a witch in many ways; she married a mortal and refuses to practice her magic in loyalty to her promise to Darrin, but no matter how hard Samantha tried, even after 8 years of marriage, she could not help her magic and stayed true to her heritage. Endora strongly disagreed with Samantha's betrayal of her fellow witches.

A seemingly normal household wife, Samantha is subject to several suspicions and questioning, mainly because of her nosy neighbour Gladys Kravitz.


Early Life

Samantha was the daughter of a witch and a warlock, Endora and Maurice, and had to identify herself as a witch under Endora's encouragement from when she was very young. Endora stated Samantha was the only child on the block with a unicorn, no doubt conjured by magic.

Her Marriage

Endora, Samantha's mother, was appalled by her daughter's decision to marry a mortal. Samantha refused to let Endora's opinion get in the way of her marriage with Darrin, and went through with it. However, after Darrin's proposal he had no idea that Samantha was a witch. After Samantha proved her powers in front of his very eyes, Darrin bolted and refused her. However, his love seemed to win out and they married. Upon the beginning of her marriage to Darrin, Samantha began enduring a lot of trouble. Endora tormented her new husband, but Samantha refused to allow it and tried to curse her own mother, which shocked Endora.

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An offscreen shot of Samantha

Endora refused to accept her daughter's marriage and Samantha often endured the disapproval of it, although she didn't seem to care. Shortly after marrying Darrin Samantha and her mother went in search of a house, which they decorated using their powers, something Gladys Kravitz saw.

Buying the Stephens' House

Samantha and Darrin made a claim on a house, which Samantha visited with her mother and decorated. Using their powers, they moved around and changed the initial decoration until deciding on some things, while a horrified and puzzled Gladys Kravitz watched from the window but could find no proof to support her allegations. After Samantha and Darrin bought the house they lived in it for over eight years, making good use of it, and the house Samantha and her husband had bought later became known as the Stephens' house, or, more importantly, the Stephens' home.

Stopping The Witch's Seduction

Samantha had never minded Darrin working with other girls, usually models, until one sparked her interest and she had to get involved in order to protect her husband's fidelity. This time Endora had sent a gorgeous witch to seduce Darrin and break up his marriage with Samantha. Sam stopped this by turning Darrin into a goldfish and sending the other witch away. However, despite the fact that this had happened, Samantha would later deal with many more cases just like it.

Her Pregnancy

Not long into her marriage with Darrin, Samantha was pregnant with their first child. Darrin began wondering about life with magical children, although he didn't know that despite the fact that his children did have magic, they wouldn't behave as he had imagined.

The Birth of Tabitha


Samantha with her daughter Tabitha

Nine months later, Samantha gave birth to her first child and daughter Tabitha, whose name was originally spelled differently (Tabatha). She kept her daughter's powers secret from Darrin, who doted on his daughter not knowing of her witchcraft. As would later happen, Tabitha's witchcraft would spiral out of control and Samantha was the only one remotely capable of stopping it. She too doted on her daughter and Tabitha's birth was so far the most significant event to happen during her and Darrin's marriage. Tabitha would precede the second Stephens child, Adam, who would also prove to have witchcraft. Tabitha became subject to curiosity and questioning.

After Tabitha's birth, Samantha went out less and became a stay-at-home wife, taking care of her daughter. Her daughter resembled her in both looks and characteristics, the most significant of which would be witchcraft. Tabitha also twitched her nose while using witchcraft, something Samantha frequently did.

Keeping Tabitha's Witchcraft Under Control


Samantha with the green spots disease

Samantha and Darrin later had much trouble keeping their daughter's witchcraft under control. Tabitha, being a child, had little idea of the fact that what she was doing could land her parents in serious trouble. Samantha was delighted to see that Tabitha shared her main characteristic, nose twitching when using witchcraft. Darrin's boss, Larry Tate, visited the Stephens home with his wife Louise Tate, and Tabitha's powers spiralled out of control. Samantha would stop Tabitha from moving her toys, and practicing other forms of witchcraft, although Endora, Samantha's mother, encouraged her granddaughter, and when left alone with Tabitha babysitting she would teach her the principles of witchcraft. Samantha's exclamation at discovering her daughter's nose twitching was, "You twitched your nose! Just like Mommy!"

Catching the Square Green Spots Disease


Samantha, prior to catching the disease

Soon after coming into contact with black Peruvian roses Samantha caught the incurable "square green spots disease". She was bedridden the whole time and her witchcraft had stopped working. Upon summoning Dr. Bombay, the physician for witches better known as the "witch doctor", he revealed that the roses had been used to drive witches out of Peru. Darrin was forced to go to a witch shop and buy the medication required to cure Samantha's supposedly incurable disease, which included some very unpleasant things such as the eyes of some bats. She was also required to take two aspirin and half a pint of porpoise milk. Samantha's face sported green spots, a symbol of her disease. Upon taking the required cure, the green spots on her face disappeared and she was cured. However, during her sickness Gladys Kravitz had snooped and seen peculiar things, although unfortunately for her she would never be able to prove them.

Conjuring Characters of the Civil War

Samantha was assigned to write a play about the Civil War, but her attempts were unsuccessful. Realizing she would not succeed otherwise, she conjured up three characters from the Civil War as she could see her creations before her eyes: A civil war officer, an Indian, and an extremely beautiful and stunning girl from Pennsylvania. Afterwards, Darrin discovered this. Every time Samantha thought about her characters, they would appear, forcing her to clear her mind of any thought of them. Gladys Kravitz noticed these characters and they told her they were "not real", freaking her out. Eventually, after the characters kept appearing Samantha sent them away for good, only to come up with new characters once these ones left.

Gladys Kravitz walked in on the creation of these new characters, screaming and running out of the Stephens' home yelling her husband Abner's name.

Test of Tabitha's Magic

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Tabitha's magic is powerful

Eventually, a test of Tabitha's magic was required. Samantha's aunts and mother came over to the Stephens' house, testing Tabitha's powers with the conclusion that they were extremely powerful. However, after they tried to take Tabitha away to a school, Samantha called on her father's assistance, Maurice, who fixed the issue and put the three female witches in their places.

Journey to 14th Century Ireland

A friend of Darrin's family, Gerry O'Toole, visited the Stephens' family home but turned out being a wood nymph, an archenemy of witches. Samantha was forced to travel to 14th century Ireland to lift the 600 year old curse placed on Darrin the Bold and his descendants by the nymph. She rejected Darrin the Bold's advances and was chased around and courted by him, although she refused to do so. She appeared to be a beautiful and lone maiden and Darrin the Bold was clearly smitten with her.


14th century Ireland

However, she did not return these affections and travelled back to the modern day as soon as she could, after having been in the 14th century. The curse had also been lifted, leaving no reason for her to stay in 14th century Ireland. This episode was repeated, starring first Dick York and later Dick Sargent in the repeating of the episode, something which later became common in the series.

Discovery of Her Witch Doctor

Darrin was struck with a cold although it was hard for both him and Samantha, despite the sickness being just the common cold. Endora organized for Dr. Bombay to cure Darrin using gold pills, although Samantha realized Darrin had no knowledge of her witch doctor's true nature. Darrin realized this when the gold pills starting having undesirable side effects, although Samantha's secret was out and Darrin wanted to kill her mother Endora.

Dr. Bombay was their main reference for curing illness and sicknesses, usually only witch-involved. As Darrin would later find out, Samantha commonly used Dr. Bombay to cure her. Darrin would frequently call him "the quack" but not in the usual way one would refer to "their" doctor.

The Queen of Witches


Samantha becomes Queen

When the old queen of Samantha's species, witches, decided to step down, she appointed Samantha the Queen of Witches. Samantha took the crown unwilling, as she could not juggle being both an ordinary housewife and the Queen of her species. She would frequently call meetings with her fellow group of witches and they would hail to their new, fresh Queen. Darrin strongly disapproved of Samantha being Queen and would sometimes wake up to find a group of witches surrounding his wife, who was dressed as Queen. Endora, on the other hand, enjoyed having her daughter be the Queen.

Because she was the Queen, Samantha wore a long silver dress that glittered and a golden crown to symbolize her power - upon taking the crown, she also held a formal stick for which the purpose remains unknown. She repeated the honourable words that the older Queen had told her to repeat, and promised loyalty to her species. After being crowned, Samantha replaced all other witches as the new witchly favourite.

Ending Up in Plymouth


Samantha in Plymouth

After Samantha's Aunt Clara casted a spell that went wrong on Thanksgiving, it sent Samantha, Darrin, Tabitha, Gladys Kravitz and Aunt Clara herself to the 17th century Plymouth. They stayed in Plymouth for a short time, but Darrin was accused of witchcraft shortly after their arrival when he was spotted lighting a match. In the court that would ultimately decide Darrin's fate, Samantha spoke up and saved her husband's life by proving to the Plymouth people that because someone was different it did not mean they were a witch, and this was essential in saving Darrin's life. Shortly after, Aunt Clara remembered the spell that accidently brought them all to Plymouth and reversed it; they were transported back home shortly after. An excited Mrs Kravitz went running to her husband Abner in Plymouth clothes: unfortunately for her, Samantha took them away with witchcraft, replacing them with just normal modern clothes.

This trip would not be the only time that time would be rewinded and Samantha and the others would deal with people from back then; they met several historical icons like Napoleon, Henry VIII, Julius Caesar and Queen Victoria. And almost all of the time, it was an accidental spell.

Going South


Brunhilde freezes Samantha to send her back in time

Brunhilde, a witch, sought vengeance on Serena, Samantha's cousin, who had been seeing Brunhilde's husband. Mistaking Samantha for Serena, she sent her to the year 1868 where Samantha had no memory of who she was and how she got there. She was taken in by Rance, who was smitten with the beautiful lone maiden and sought to court her. Serena sent Darrin to the year 1868 in order for him to save Samantha; one willing kiss would break the spell. However, Samantha proved to be impossible and the entire time Darrin chased her she would not budge. However, after Darrin was seriously hurt by Rance, she reconsidered. Her compassion won out and she gave a willing kiss, which transported her back to herself in the 20th century, leaving Rance alone without the lady he had been courting.

Dealing with Napoleon


Samantha with Darrin and Arthur

While trying to conjure up a napoleon cake to replace an angel cake, Uncle Arthur, Samantha's mischevious and pratical joking uncle, accidentally summoned Napoleon to the 20th century. He proved to be impossible and wanted to conquer England. When Larry Tate, Darrin's boss and best friend, decided to come to dinner at the Stephens' home with his wife Louise, they noticed Napoleon but Samantha and Darrin had Napoleon under strict orders to act as Samantha's cousin; he did so, and was compared to Napoleon, supposedly a "dead ringer" for him, as Larry said. He also asked Napoleon to act in a commercial for the McMann and Tate advertising agency. Napoleon complied, although Samantha tried to tell him otherwise.

Samantha was instrumental in ensuring Napoleon didn't work in the commercial; it was a complete failure. Larry was furious and so was his client. Uncle Arthur remembered the spell he had accidentally used to bring Napoleon into the 20th century and reversed it, sending Napoleon back.

Hiring Esmeralda

Samantha hired a witch maid named Esmeralda to tend to the Stephens' household. A loyal but frustrating maid, Esmeralda would disappear when uncomfortable or embarassed, and disliked Darrin. However, she eventually grew to embrace his presence and Samantha defended Darrin when Esmeralda would ever show contempt or dislike. Esmeralda was referred to as the "Yoo-Hoo Maid", and Samantha would call, "Esmeralda! Yoo hoo!" if she wanted the maid to come do something.


Esmeralda, Samantha's maid

Another characteristic of Esmeralda's that bothered the Stephens' was that when she sneezed, a random creation of magic would appear such as seals or goats. Once, Esmeralda's sneeze even conjured up Santa Claus, who was stuck at the Stephens' house as a result. Esmeralda stayed the Stephens' maid for about two years, never retiring. She was also a dud at witchcraft. Her spells often went wrong and she had little control over what her powers conjured up even if she was attempting to achieve something. However, a few times her magic worked, suggesting she still had a little bit of power in her.

The Arrival of Julius Caesar

One of Esmeralda's spells went awry when she tried to make a caesar salad but instead ended up conjuring Julius Caesar into the 20th century. This was not the first time Samantha had dealt with a famous person in history, and neither would it be the last. Julius Caesar charmed Samantha and Esmeralda, but it was the main focus of the maid to send him back to the ancient times. When not watched, Julius Caesar left the Stephens' home and went into the public. A group of hippies noticed him and annoyed the man, who responded viciously. A police officer was called to the scene. Back home, Esmeralda remembered the spell and when Julius was back at the Stephens' residence he was summoned back to ancient times, possibly the second century.

The Birth of Adam

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Samantha embraces her son Adam

Samantha gave birth to her son, Adam, after 6 years of marriage. The young boy was subject to questioning, as Darrin did not want to deal with a warlock for a son, the same way he had hoped that Tabitha would not inherit her mother's powers. Adam was a much doted-on child, as Tabitha had been. He too had powers, although they were presumaby not as strong as Tabitha's. After Adam was born, Samantha's father Maurice placed a spell on the child that caused every mortal who saw him to fall in love with him. They even rejected their own children for this. However, Maurice was forced to put things straight. Adam's birth seemed to have been the most significant thing ever to happen to the Stephens', apart from Tabitha's birth. He was the second of only two children.

Adam's birth caused Samantha to spend more time with him and refuse to take Tabitha out much; this offended the older girl's feelings, and she conjured up her own Samantha as a result. Samantha, however, assured her daughter she loved her just as much as she loved Adam, despite the fact that she couldn't take Tabitha out as much anymore. Adam's name would originally have been different. Maurice was angered by the fact that Adam had not been named after him; although he eventually came to accept the fact that his grandson had been named Adam.

Sent to Henry VIII's Court

While on a museum tour in Salem, Samantha noticed a man in a painting pleading for her to release him; he had been sentenced to 1000 years in the painting as punishment by another witch named Malvina. After Samantha eventually released him, Malvina arrived, freezing her and sending her away to the 1500's as punishment for having released the man in the painting. Samantha arrived in the court dressed in modern clothes and unsure of who and what she was. A man blessed her and sent her to the castle, after announcing that the latest Queen, the fifth one named Catherine, had just been executed. Samantha was dressed in clothes that suited the time period. She was re-taught to play the lute, and performed in front of the King. She caught his eye just as he had sworn not to marry or like another woman again; struck by her beauty and talent, as well as her grace and singing voice, he began attempting to court her. Samantha never reciprocated the affection, although Henry even gave the crown jewels the previous Queen had presumably worn. Meanwhile, back in the 20th century Endora sent Darrin to find Samantha in the 1500's and kiss her, which would break the spell and let her remember everything, including her witchcraft.

Darrin complied with Endora, leaving to the fifteenth century. He attempted to kiss Samantha many times, but Henry and his courtiers heard her screaming and ran to the room. Darrin summoned Endora, who came, and she fixed up a wrestling match between him and Henry, which she knew would play on Samantha's sympathy and cause her daughter to give Darrin the kiss. Darrin and Henry wrestled, although Darrin would run away and around. After he was caught and attacked, Samantha felt sympathy and she pushed through the circle, kissing him which allowed her to remember him, their children and her powers, which she said with the exclamation, "Darrin!" She used her witchcraft to transport them home and all was well.

The Enchanted Unicorn

Samantha's mother, the notoriously powerful and mischevious, mortal-hating Endora, had left Darrin a unicorn on his desk at work, with a note stating it was from his uncle. However, Darrin remained completely oblivious to the fact that Endora had recently just enchanted it. Every mortal who came within three feet of it told the absolute truth. This caused a riot with Darrin's client and also caused Darrin to reveal what he thought of a secretary at work. And this would not be the first time this had happened; previously, Endora had enchanted another magical ornament that had the exact same effect as this unicorn. However, Darrin eventually told the truth, professing his love for Samantha.


"If I didn't want these things, I wouldn't be here. I enjoy taking care of myself and my family." Samantha to Darrin

Samantha is shown to be a loyal, compassionate and intelligent person. However, she betrayed her own kind and kin to marry a mortal; she was too lenient with Darrin and should have kept her powers from the beginning. However, she is a very endearing person. This was noted by everyone she has significant relationships with. She likes being a housewife and doesn't like overly using her witchcraft. However, no matter how hard she tries not to use it, she does anyway. She can never stray far from her heritage. She has never ever been shown to be an awfully vindictive or cruel person, like most witches are towards humans. This is surprising, considering that Samantha's mother Endora hates mortals and presumably brought her daughter up with this belief. Samantha has also been shown to demonstrate a great deal of intelligence, able to cope well in bad situations and can solve a predicament entirely by herself. She is also a very good mother, although she neglected Tabitha at some stage for Adam's sake.

Samantha also possessed a spirited and compassionate nature. She was considered by many in Morning Glory Circle to be very beautiful. She also proved to be beautiful and competent; she was very fiery in nature and also happened to be the only one who would stand up for her choices and beliefs. She was not afraid to be different to other witches and strongly believed in the justice and rightness of her marriage to Darrin. Despite having betrayed her own kind, she did not do it to be cruel or unjust; she even defied the Witches' Council, the head of all witches and even more powerful than the Queen or High Priestess. She would always stand up for what she believed was right.

As a mother, Samantha was warm and kind natured. She was very adoring and maternal to her son Adam, even more than she was to her daughter Tabitha. She would call her children "beautiful" and act in the most motherly way towards them that was possible. She not only possessed physical perfection, but a good nature too. Her difference to other witches was that she did not loathe mortals and in fact married one. Although she was frequently threatened for this, she would never budge. She also had a high set of principles which she would not injure for anything. She also loved her children more than anything in the world.

She was also not always serious; she would, a lot of the time, be humorful. Although Darrin would rarely reciprocate the humor, it didn't stop her. She was also brave willed and possessed a passionate and fiery spirit. The most beautiful natured and intelligent witch on the show, she also lacked a few personality aspects she may have needed. However, she got along with her life without the personality aspects she was missing. She, unlike many other people, possessed both physical and inner beauty. This was rare for witches. She was more unique than any other witch and had her own style, preferring to stay at home rather than just party and be carefree, the normal behavior of her cousin Serena.



"I love you, Darrin."

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Samantha kisses Darrin nervously

Samantha married Darrin, a mortal, with no permission from the Witches' Council or any other witch. She betrayed her own kin by doing this, and she often suffered for it. However, she and Darrin retained a mostly positive relationship despite their species difference. Samantha becoming the Queen of Witches also complicated her relationship with Darrin, who didn't want her elected as the Queen. They loved and trusted each other greatly, and Samantha would constantly choose her husband over all other witches. The series showed eight years of their marriage, and it can be implied that their marriage lasted Darrin's whole life. In the beginning of the series, Darrin and Samantha were caused much trouble by her mother, Endora, who loathed Darrin and all mortals and tried, on many occasions, to break the marriage up. This would never work. The love was strong beyond Endora's comprehension, something she did not realise ever, even when the series ended.
Couples 5-1-

Samantha and Darrin drive along the beach

Darrin and Samantha rarely had the chance to go out and have fun together. However, they still had fun when they could. Darrin was not unfaithful to Samantha but did find himself attracted to several other women during their marriage, specifically female clients and models. Samantha never minded that he worked with them but Endora would overly draw it to her daughter's attention, which frequently worked and turned Samantha's mind suspicious. After a client named Sarah arrived and tried to seduce Darrin, he resisted her out of loyalty to Samantha, who personally was there and stopped it from happening. Darrin expressed little to no sense of humor although he did laugh a few times. He likely didn't laugh or take jokes due to witches frequently being around. Despite being racist against Samantha's species, he did love her. She was the only person who could show him the other side to things. On one occasion, when Samantha was tired of constantly running up the stairs to tend to a sick Darrin, she gave him temporary witchcraft, which backfired when Darrin liked the power too much. Planning to leave his job and travel around the world with Samantha, he retired, much to Larry's shock and Samantha's disappointment and hurt. This ended by Samantha sending Darrin back in time before he had a taste of what magic was like, fixing the problem. This happened twice. As Samantha's husband, Darrin did not always treat her right but loved her so much that he would never end the marriage, even if the High Priestess threatened to dissolve it.

Darrin tries to stop Samantha from sneezing

Darrin and Samantha were, despite their frequent trouble, a very happily married couple. Darrin even expressed once that he was charmed at having had several historical icons in his house and being around a wife who was a witch; "Darrin!" Samantha reprimanded him, but it was in a sarcastic, somewhat affectionate way. It should also be noted that almost none of Samantha and Darrin's issues were marital. They were usually involved with witchcraft and spells gone wrong. Endora would also seem to annoy Darrin a lot, just as much as he annoyed her. Darrin and Samantha's relationship also seemed to be the most prominent in the series, since Darrin was just a mortal and Samantha married him anyway. Samantha's second most prominent relationship with probably be her relationship with her mother Endora. Darrin and Samantha are a very affectionate couple; they are frequently shown kissing in the series, at the end of almost every episode.


"I'm going home to Mother!" - Samantha leaves Darrin


Samantha and Endora flying using their powers

Samantha and her mother Endora were never overly close because of Samantha's marriage to Darrin, but still loved one another. The two witches would be sarcastically cordial with each other despite Endora not being in support of Samantha's marriage to Darrin. Endora tried several times to break up Samantha and Darrin's marriage, not realizing just how much she would ruin her daughter's happiness if she did so. Due to both being witches, they had a mutual understanding of one another. A few times they went shopping in Paris and Samantha would leave to Endora's home on a cloud if having extreme marital trouble with Darrin. However, much to Endora's displeasure, Samantha would soon leave when hearing Darrin plead for forgiveness. Endora would frequently refer to Samantha as "darling", and Samantha could never refer to her by any other name except "Mother", although she once called out, "Hey, Mom!" Endora frequently visited the Stephens' home for the sake of seeing her daughter, and was often vicious and mean to Darrin, although he had started their rivalry by openly telling Samantha to foresake her powers. Endora strongly disagreed with this and didn't want Samantha to stop using her powers, and instead encouraged her daughter to do so. Endora had stated that when Samantha was young, she was the only child on the block to have a unicorn. This unicorn was likely conjured by Endora's magic.

Mother and daughter

However, it is clear that Samantha loved Endora as much as her mother loved her; she fiercely defended her mother when Darrin began criticising her and she never gave up on the fact that Endora and Darrin shouldn't have been enemies; eventually, though, she realized they would never be able to get along due to their differences. Endora's prejudice against humans would never budge, much to Samantha's disappointment and dislike. However, this was usually the main obstacle in their relationship; they bonded well at times. A few times, they even went flying together, something which required at least a moderate level of witchcraft. When Samantha used witchcraft, Endora openly encouraged her, plotting against her daughter's promise to Darrin that she wouldn't use witchcraft. In Endora's mind, Samantha was rejecting her heritage. Once, though, Samantha could have considered Endora an enemy when the older witch chose to take Tabitha to her sister Hagatha's school. Maurice was the one who came to Samantha and Darrin's rescue in the end. In Endora and Samantha's first encounter, Samantha tried a spell to make Endora disappear from the room and go elsewhere, which Endora rebuffed and stated that Samantha shouldn't talk to her own mother like that. Endora, strangely, would test Darrin's fidelity not only to stop her daughter from being hurt but to break up the marriage. Samantha was also an only child, meaning Endora had no other responsibility or child to love, thus strengthening her fondness of Samantha. Endora also loved Samantha's children, and encouraged them to use witchcraft. Samantha would frequently rely on Endora to babysit Tabitha when she and Darrin were out, and, in later years, babysit both Tabitha and Adam. Darrin never seemed too happy about Endora babysitting.


"You twitched your nose! Just like Mommy!" - Samantha to Tabitha


Samantha with baby Tabitha

Samantha and her daughter Tabitha had an extremely close relationship. Samantha strengthened Tabitha's personal beliefs but never encouraged her to use witchcraft, instead encouraging her not to use it. At one point, Tabitha's witchcraft spiralled out of control and nearly uncovered her powers as a witch. Samantha never neglected or ignored Tabitha, but accidentally did this once after the birth of Adam, which caused Tabitha to conjure up a new Samantha that gave her everything she wanted. Tabitha shared Samantha's main characteristic, her nose twitch when using witchcraft. However, while Samantha did it using her lip Tabitha would use her finger to twitch her nose. Samantha had a great deal of elation when finding out of Tabitha's nose twitching. When Tabitha was upset Samantha would be in full support of her and loved her daughter to death. Unlike what Endora had taught Samantha as a child, Samantha taught Tabitha not to use her witchcraft although magic was and always would be a part of Tabitha, like it was a part of Samantha. As a mother, Samantha was extremely maternal. She frequently called Tabitha beautiful and showered her with affection. She rewarded Tabitha with a balloon and a lollipop after Tabitha had a check-up from the doctor, which hadn't been necessary but was done anyway. Samantha also worked very hard on Tabitha's birthday to make it special, and it took a great deal of work and effort. After Adam was born, Samantha didn't love Tabitha any less and stated she and Darrin had enough room to love both Tabitha and Adam.
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Samantha holding Tabitha

Tabitha, being the first Stephens child, probably taught Samantha maternal and motherly skills, as she preceeded Adam. It is also nearly certain that Tabitha favored her grandmother on her mother's side (Endora) over her grandmother on her father's side (Phyllis Stephens). Tabitha inherited her powers from her mother but it is also likely that Tabitha came from a long line of witches and that was the cause of her power. When Tabitha was a baby, Samantha would sing lullabies to her which calmed Tabitha down. If in the middle of the night Tabitha started crying, she would want her mother which forced Darrin to get Samantha. Sam also spent more time with Tabitha, shopping and going to the doctor for check-ups, although none of the time was Tabitha sick.


"In fact, there is a name I'm very fond of. Adam." - Samantha on naming Adam


Samantha with baby Adam on Christmas

The second Stephens child, a boy, was not-so-promptly named Adam. After the birth of Adam, Samantha began neglecting her daughter Tabitha, who was visibly hurt and conjured up a new Samantha as a result. When Adam was a baby, Samantha treated him very well and maternally, and during Christmas time she would fascinate Adam with the balls on the Christmas tree. Because Samantha had already had one child, Tabitha, she knew more maternal skills and was able to be this way to Adam. Some speculation proves that Samantha was often much more affectionate to a young Adam than she was to Tabitha when the girl was a baby. Adam too inherited powers from Samantha and her long line of witches. Samantha did not feel as strongly about Adam's powers as she did about Tabitha's, as Adam's witchcraft never spiralled out of control as Tabitha's had. When Adam became a toddler, he rarely spoke much but loved his mother a lot. If he woke up crying in the night and Darrin came up, he would ask for his mother, symbolizing Adam's extreme affection for Samantha.


"Oh Aunt Hagatha, will you babysit Tabitha while I'm gone?"

Samantha's aunt Hagatha frequently babysitted for Samantha, mostly during the years when Adam had not been born. Hagatha was never shown to be an enemy or bad aunt, although one time Samantha might have considered her an enemy when Hagatha and Endora attempted to take Tabitha away to Hagatha's school, an attempt that was thwarted by Samantha's father Maurice.


"Oh, Daddy!" - Samantha when Maurice arrives


Samantha embraces Maurice on his arrival

Samantha was very close to her father Maurice. Although he loathed and despised her husband Darrin for being a mortal and forcing Samantha to foresake her powers, he evidently had unwavering affection for Samantha. After having lost control of her mother and aunts, Samantha called on Maurice's help to stop them from taking Tabitha away to Aunt Hagatha's school; he sent them away to a cold, snowy place in defense of Samantha. Sam nicknamed Maurice "daddy". The way Maurice and his wife Endora saw it, Samantha was rejecting her heritage.

Aunt Clara

"Don't you be rude to Aunt Clara!" - Samantha to Darrin


Samantha is very affectionate to aunt Clara

Samantha's bumbling Aunt Clara was one of the few witches Samantha could actually trust not to despise or plot against Darrin. Samantha was shown on many occasions to be very affectionate to her aunt, who in turn loved and respected Samantha while wishing her witchcraft was as good as her niece's. Aunt Clara was also practically the only witch who agreed with Samantha's choice to marry a mortal and never argued the point. Due to the fact that Aunt Clara's witchcraft was quite terrible and out of use, she relied on Samantha at times to give her a boost from the Stephens' house to another location. The two had an extremely positive relationship and never once argued. If Aunt Clara arrived dirty from coming through the chimney, Samantha would instantly clean it off her. Samantha was instantly at her aunt's defense after other witches trialled the older lady and declared she should be evicted. When Aunt Clara unintentionally stole Endora's powers Samantha was in full support of her happier aunt, encouraging her to use these newfound and mysterious powers. She loved her aunt.


"And he just got bitten by a tzee tzee fly."


Samantha opening the door for Larry

Samantha had a good friendship with her husband Darrin's boss Larry Tate. He too called Samantha by her affectionate nickname Sam. Larry was rarely hostile towards Sam and she too was very hospitable. Larry's nicknaming Sam suggested that they had known each other for many years, and Larry often relied upon whether Sam would be ready or not to bring a client to dinner at the Stephens' home. However, once Larry was very critical of Sam unjustly, although this was a one time occurrence. Samantha would still welcome Larry into the Stephens' home if he rocked up even if he was having problems with Darrin. She also cared enough to attempt to stop Larry from breaking his leg, because an article Darrin and Samantha read in the newspaper had read that an advertising agent had broken his leg; they assumed that it was Larry and tried their hardest to stop it from happening. In the process, they harassed Larry and Louise terribly and the two could not find privacy. However, as Samantha and Darrin would later discover, the article was dated from ten years ago, when Larry really had broken his leg. Larry forlornly told them this, and they then realized that their entire day's efforts had been useless and for no reason. Samantha also happened to be very good friends with Larry's wife Louise, and the two had a mutual affection for each other. Surprisingly, Samantha's personality never clashed with Larry's business-obsessed and money-making personality. Larry was appalled when Samantha caused McMann and Tate to lose the important Langley account, although this was not truly Samantha's fault, as she had been sharing a personality with her carefree cousin Serena under the influence of her mother's spell.


"And Louise happens to be one of my closest friends."

Darrin's boss's wife Louise Tate and Samantha were extremely close friends. The two of them got along very well and hardly argued. Several times, Samantha would stop Larry from being unfaithful to Louise if he was under the influence of a spell. Louise defended Samantha fiercely and became very hostile towards Darrin when she suspected Darrin of cheating on Samantha, calling Darrin "bluebeard".


"Esmeralda, yoo hoo! Esmeralda, yoo hoo!"


Samantha with her maid Esmeralda during Christmas

Samantha hired a witch maid named Esmeralda. Unfortunately, Esmeralda's main characteristic was that when she sneezed, a creation of witchcraft would appear such as goats, seals, unicorns and even Santa Claus. Endora and Samantha mantained a mainly positive relationship and Samantha was in full support of her maid when Esmeralda was heartbroken by the revelation that her crush, Remone Varona, was dating the hatcheck room witch. If Samantha wanted Esmeralda to come, she would call, "Esmeralda, yoo hoo!" and Esmeralda appeared. Samantha also helped Esmeralda fix herself up and beautify herself to impress an old flame, going as far as to change Esmeralda's mirror image so she would think herself prettier than she really was. Samantha was the only person Esmeralda truly felt comfortable with in the Stephens home, although she had a close relationship with Tabitha and Adam. Samantha was never unkind to Esmeralda and treated her as an equal rather than just a maid, driven by compassion. While they were not the best of friends, Samantha knew Esmeralda's place and never put her down or made her feel bad about her powers. Esmeralda most likely lusted after Samantha's powers, as her own were terrible and never worked properly, whereas Samantha's were very powerful and perfectly in control, working just fine.

Uncle Arthur

"He taught me how to make my first pony."


Samantha with her beloved Uncle Arthur

Samantha had an extremely positive and close relationship with her uncle Arthur. When she was little Samantha was taught how to make her first pony by Uncle Arthur. He adored his niece's children as well. Samantha stated Arthur was her favorite uncle and never let her affection waver, despite Darrin's strong dislike of Arthur and his constant practical jokes. It is clear Samantha knew Arthur from a very young age, possibly her whole life. She would laugh with him and take his jokes, but Darrin would not be happy about this. Arthur was very affectionate to his niece and nicknamed her "Sammy" rather than her actual name of Samantha. She would always call him "Uncle Arthur" instead of just Arthur. Samantha would rather see Arthur unhappy than him be with a woman who wanted him to stop his main personality aspects - his practical jokes. Like he did with Samantha, Uncle Arthur taught Samantha's daughter Tabitha how to make her first pony too. This symbolized a degree of affection for Samantha if he was willing to treat her daughter very well. Samantha would often be in the middle if Uncle Arthur and Endora fought, since she loved both equally. Arthur gave Samantha a wishbox when she was 6 on her birthday. He also gave Tabitha one on her birthday too, repeating what he did for Samantha years earlier. Samantha having stated Arthur was her favorite uncle implied she had several but Arthur was her favorite. She chose to take Arthur's side, laughing, after a mishap with a rabbit turned human.


"We look alike." Samantha describes her physical similarity to Serena


Samantha with her cousin Serena

Samantha and her cousin Serena had completely different personalities despite looking alike very much. While Samantha preferred to stay at home, marry a mortal and be a wife, Serena was carefree, fun and partied a lot. Because they were cousins, Serena would very frequently refer to Samantha as "cuz". Despite the fact that no extreme affection passed between them they had a positive relationship. A few times, under Endora's command, Serena used witchcraft to disguise herself as Samantha and fool Darrin while the real Samantha was gone, but this was not done out of malice. Serena in fact loathed Darrin, as did many of Samantha's relatives and fellow witches. Serena was very kind, loving and affectionate to her cousin's daughter Tabitha. Despite the two not always agreeing about each other's choices, it was evident the two cousins cared greatly for one another. Serena was the person Samantha would call to in certain times of need; Serena willingly reversed a curse she had placed on a man to transform him into the Loch Ness monster, and again on a man she had turned into a bedwarmer, all for the sake of making her cousin happy.


George, a warlock, was in love with Samantha but his feelings were not reciprocated. Samantha rejected him countless times and he never seemed to understand that she'd never love him back, but his love vanished when a sexy new neighbour named Danger O'Riley, the sister of Pleasure O'Riley, arrived, and George became smitten with her, thus getting rid of his love for Samantha. Endora seemed in support of Samantha having a relationship with George although it never happened, most likely much to Endora's disappointment.

Gladys Kravitz

"Poor Mrs Kravitz. Sometimes my heart goes out to her."


Samantha and Mrs Kravitz at the derby

Samantha was subject to an extremely nosy neighbour named Gladys Kravitz, more commonly referred to as Mrs Kravitz. She would frequently peek into Samantha's house through the window and saw several acts of witchcraft which she would never be able to prove. However, Mrs Kravitz deserved this for snooping. After catching Samantha red-handed using witchcraft, Mrs Kravitz had to be convinced that it was "her powers" that had caused the paintings to move on the wall in order to protect the secret. If confronted about her witchcraft, Samantha would convince Mrs Kravitz otherwise. Due to Mrs Kravitz's extreme amount of times that she had witnessed witchcraft in the Stephens' home, she was believed to have a mental condition and was forced to take medicine for it despite not having anything wrong with her. Mrs Kravitz was sometimes more than just a neighbour to Samantha; at times, they were actually shown to be quite good friends. Although this friendship never lasted, at times Mrs Kravitz would seem to be out to "get" Samantha, and tried and tried on many occasions to get her caught using powers. Once, she even called the police on Samantha. Mrs Kravitz would often come to Samantha's house to ask for a scoop of sugar if she had run out of it. However, Mrs Kravitz really didn't seem to know when she had crossed the line. She would not let up with her nosyness and tried to get involved in things that didn't concern her and were none of her business. Because of this, Samantha would have to make up believable excuses and often narrowly got herself out of these situations. When Mrs Kravitz, Samantha, Darrin, Tabitha and Aunt Clara were accidentally sent to 1620 Plymouth, a man cried "Witch!" and Mrs Kravitz said, "Her?" indicating she thought Samantha was a witch. If the man had believed her Samantha may have been burned at the stake, but fortunately the man believed it was Darrin who was a witch.


Tumblr lkl891eV7f1qax3azo1 400-1-

The twitch in Samantha's nose (click for animation)

Samantha is an extremely powerful witch. Her witchcraft works perfectly without a flaw and only doesn't work if she is sick. She has several magical talents that include things a normal human could not do. The most prominent characteristic she has always had when using witchcraft is the twitch in her nose. She can move objects around, hold them in thin air and make them travel, freeze time or people, cast spells and teleport from one place to another within the blink of an eye.

Physically, Samantha possesses little to no ability. Her strength lies in her magic. She is subject to affectionate envy by those who cannot use proper witchcraft due to her extreme perfect abilities. Samantha can also change someone's mind using magic, casting a spell to make them believe or agree with a certain subject or person. Samantha's charm not only lies in her magic, but her physical appearance and personality. Even without using witchcraft, she can easily charm someone using her beauty and traits.


Samantha's powers allow her to fly

Samantha does not possess any abilities that other powerful witches wouldn't have, but she does have vastly superior powers. She is more powerful than her aunt Clara and maid Esmeralda but is not stronger in power than her mother Endora, and seems equal in power with her cousin Serena. The only mortal thing stronger than Samantha's witchcraft is love, as Samantha directly stated. Another part of Samantha's powers is that she possesses the ability to fly, something all witches with a moderate to strong level of witchcraft should be able to do.


For more on these sicknesses and their cures, go here

Incurable Square Green Spots Disease: Samantha was struck by the incurable green spots disease but called on Dr Bombay and the disease proved to be indeed curable.

Red Stripes Disease: She had a disease where her face was striped by red stripes. It was very similar to the green spots disease. She called on Dr Bombay and her disease was then cured.

Invisibility: Samantha became invisible as a result of Osgood Rightmeyer's ring.

Power Loss: She lost her powers because she had not been using them frequently enough and as a result was forced to stay in the air and rest.

Voice Sync Loss: When she spoke, her lips would move but no sound would come out, then when she stopped moving them what she had said would come through.

Voice Switch: As a result of one of Arthur's spells, she traded voices with Darrin giving him her voice and her his voice.

Laughing and Crying: After one of Dr Bombay's spells went wrong, she began crying uncontrollably and when he tried to reverse it she began laughing uncontrollably.

Rhyming: She began speaking in rhyme and had no control over it due to Primary Vocabularitis. This was misdiagnosed as Secondary Vocabularitis.

Power Failure: As punishment from the Witches Council, her powers were revoked, and so were Uncle Arthur's and Serena's.

Food Craving: When she craved a food it would appear. Later on when Dr Bombay tried to cure it he instead reversed it, causing Samantha to go to the food.

Extreme Hunger: She kept binging on food after drinking a glass of milk that Esmeralda had spelled to increase Tabitha's appetite.

House Lock: When she hadn't been using witchcraft enough the house locked, meaning no doors would open and nor would windows, even if they were hit with a hammer.

Losing Powers: Yet again she lost her powers because she needed a 10, 000 zap check up.

Dreaming and Trading: After suffering a troublesome dream she switched lives with Louise Tate and everyone believed each one to be the other.

Hiccups: Due to a guilty conscience, she kept hiccuping. Dr Bombay termed it to be "cycle-logical".

Contagious Power Loss: Due to being in too much mortal contact, she lost her powers and infected her father Maurice.

Gravitational Pull: She became very heavy after a gravitational pull. This sickness was then later unintentionally reversed.

Becoming Light: The reverse of the heaviness, she later became very light and had to be held down or else she would begin going up into the air.

Behind The Scenes

  • Samantha is portrayed by Elizabeth Montgomery.


  • All of the witches on the show, including Samantha, have names that end in the letter "a" (e.g. Endora, Clara, Hagatha, Samantha, Tabitha)
  • Samantha is the only witch in the entire series that married a mortal and loves a mortal: all other witches despise Darrin and Samantha's choice to marry him. But nontheless, Samantha stays in the marriage, never leaving or foresaking it out of love.
  • Samantha has two children, one girl and one boy, meaning of the four members in the Stephens family, there are two boys and two girls.
  • Samantha bears a resemblance to the blonde genie in TV series I Dream of Jeannie. She, like Jeannie, has a main characteristic when using magic, otherwise known as witchcraft. The two characters have physical and power-related similarities but are in fact very different in terms of personality.
  • Both of Samantha's children (Tabitha and Adam) inherited her powers.
  • Elizabeth Montgomery, the actress who portrayed Samantha, hated the television series I Dream of Jeannie and thought it would ruin Bewitched. Simply bringing up the subject would make her furious enough to leave the room in a hurry.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Now! I am a witch. A real broom riding, house haunting, cauldron stirring witch!" to Darrin
  • "Maybe you were the one who was looking straight at a lighthouse and thought you were seeing an old lady on a garage roof." to Darrin
  • "Incidently, that poor woman you kissed and scared half to death was Gladys Kravitz. She and her husband, Abner, live across the street." to Darrin
  • "That's what I like about your visits, Mother. You always bring a ray of sunshine into my drab existence." to Endora
  • "Miss O'Reilly, I would think a beauty queen like you would have dozens of hopelessly smitten suitors flinging themselves at your feet and your throne." to Pleasure O'Reilly
  • "Should I get out your silk pajamas, Sir? This looks like it's going to be a formal affair."
  • "I know our mayor. There's nothing unreasonable about that."
  • "Mother flies to the South of France every year this time, 'til it all blows over."
  • "Well I've learned something very important tonight. Never let your husband criticize on an empty stomach."
  • "Would you like another stack of pancakes, Monster?"
  • "Well, I'd rather you attack my icebox than my husband anytime."
  • "No. I was just thinking how sweet he looks. Like a little boy. Bet he was cute." to Endora about Darrin
  • "Before or after he called you an old witch with a warped sense of humor?" to Endora
  • "That was a mean, low, sneaky, underhanded trick!" Samantha reprimands Endora
  • "Now, I love him, despite his practical jokes. He's my favorite uncle. Why, do you know, when I was a little girl, he taught me to make my first pony?" Samantha refers to Uncle Arthur
  • "I mean, I'm begging you to change him back. Isn't that sweet? He's begging too. Sorry, sweetheart, but you looked so cute, I got carried away!" Samantha to Darrin after he is changed into a dog


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